12 Heads Ultrasonic Humidifier Atomizer Industrial Ultrasonic Fogger Mist Maker

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  • Multi-Appliable Scene — can used in your pond, fountain, rockery, fish tank, vase, tank, etc. It will create a magical atmosphere. Especially perfect for Halloween and other holidays.
  • Mini Size Large Capacity of Mist – Our fountain atomizer can produce large amounts of mist 
  • Ultrasonic Technology — When putting this plant humidity fogger into your pond or water tank, it can add a great amount of mist t to filter the bad smell with electro and ultrasonic technology.
  • Easy-Operated — it’s safe to use. Put it in the water then the mist appears.
  • Long Cable — long enough to use in different scenes. Ideal for indoor or outdoor fountains, water features, and office use.


Included In the Box:


Floating Add-On

Power Adapter

Operation instructions:
1. power brown line nebulizer red line, power blue line nebulizer black line (Note: do not soak the power in the water, will damage the power)
2. the nebulizer is not directly connected to the AC220V, and the atomizer will be damaged
3. The product is equipped with a water level sensor, and the working water level is higher than the water level sensor.
4. atomizing tablets
Product parameters:
(need to be equipped with rectifying board to convert DC)
Protection: automatic power out of water shortage and water temperature over 50 degrees Celsius automatic protection
Atomization amount: 3kg/h
Matters needing attention:
1. more adaptable to the atomization water, and the same atomizer works with pure water or tap water.
2. power supply has a wide range of applications, ensuring that the products can still be used normally when the electricity is changed greatly.
3.equipped with a power polarity protection line, which can prevent the user from damaging the product.
4. a time delay circuit is set up to avoid the damage of the line when the opening of the machine is too large.
5. the line of single sprinkler head is designed independently, and an over current protection circuit is adopted. It avoids damage to the power supply of a sprinkler’s line and does not affect the normal work of other sprinklers.
6.the current of the whole machine is less affected by voltage and temperature. Because the current of each nozzle is electronically adjusted automatically, the current will decrease with the increase of temperature. It will not affect the amount of fog. It will avoid the vicious cycle of the power tube heating and the increase of current, which will damage the nebulizer.
7. this product adopts the stainless steel shell with high corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength, which can be acid and alkali water quality.