Arduino Starter Pack Advanced Add On

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Arduino Starter Pack Advanced Add On

Those who already purchased Arduino Starter Pack can buy this add on package to upgrade there skills.

Components for this package are
1. DHT11 Digital Temp and Humidity Sensor
2. Soil Moisture Sensor
3. Rotary Encoder Module
4. Gas Sensor
5. LCD Module
6. Male to Male 20Pcs
7. Male to Female 20Pcs
8. 9v Power Adapter

With these components you can do

  1. Room Temp and Humidity Monitor
  2. Soil Moisture monitor
  3. Rotary encoder interface
  4. Gas leakage detector
  5. Display Text on LCD and many more

Note That you must have the components of the Starter pack for developing the above projects.

If you want to start learning with Arduino you can buy only starter pack.


Arduino Starter Pack