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PiShow 2.8″ Resistive Touch Display can bring more pleasure to your Raspberry Pi project with no difficulty. The display is specially designed for Model B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and its diagonal is small enough -2.8″ to allow a handily carry but at the same time ensure not too tiny to taxes user’s eyes.

65K colors and 320×240 pixel resolution provides you a higher resolution compare to the black and white 128×64.. This display integrate touch driver xx2046, communicating with Raspberry Pi through High Speed 48MHz SPI connection. With the touch panel, you could play the Raspberry Pi without the need for a mouse.

It’s very easy to setup, without the need for a cable or extra power supply, it can be directly attached onto the Raspberry Pi. We have packaged a system kernel with the LCD driver for you, you can upload to many OS for Raspberry pi such as Raspbian Debian fedora.ubunbu


  • • Up 30 Frames per second,a better viewing experience with no doubts! Watch your movie on Raspberry Pi.
  • • Compatible with Raspberry Pi B+,A+ and Pi 2 Model B
  • • Supports all Operating system on Raspberry Pi
  • • 65K colors and 320×240 Pixel Resolution
  • • Powered directly off Raspberry Pi
  • • Display full GUI output / primary output
  • • High Speed 48MHz SPI connection
  • • Integrated 4-wire Resistive Touch Panel and XPT2046 Driver
  • • UART debug pin out for USB to TTL debug


Company Size Resolution Refresh rate System Installation Drive Mode Backlight Gamma value IDROM Screen Rotation Speeed of Bus
PiShow 2.8″ 320*240 >=30fps Supporting various of OS, system kernel has been packed with the LCD driver SPI High light Adjustable Y N 36MHz
Normal 3.2″ 320*240 3-5fps Outdated documents, highly impossible to upgrade. DB Normal N.A N N 16MHz
Another 2.8″ 320*240 N/a Packaging system with only Deb installation documents DC+SPI Could control Adjustable Y Y 32MHz
4D system 2.8″ 320*240 High Original source SPI-FPGA High Light N.A N N.A 125MHz

* PiShow 2.8″ Resistive Touch Display is both CE and FCC certified.


  • • 1 x Raspberry Pi 2.8’’ Touchscreen Display



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