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What is a Proto Shield?

Proto shield provides a way for you to connect with Arduino and Breadboard to fast build and verify your prototypes.
Grove – Proto Shield for Arduino allows you to add your own circuitry or components to your Grove system prototypes. You can access all four lines from the connector cable: S0, S1, VCC, and GND. There is also an extra normally-open button to take advantage of. The hole spacing makes using normal DIP-format ICs and other components very simple. You may wish to purchase more for future use in advance.


  • Facilitate prototyping prototyping
  • Standardized Grove Interface
  • Breadboard style
  • Standard spacings
  • Silkscreen labels
  • Reserved space for the normally-open button

What is Grove?

Grove makes it easier to connect, experiment, and simplify the prototyping process. No jumpers or soldering required. We have developed more than 300 Grove modules, covering a wide range of applications that can fulfill a variety of needs. Not only are these open hardware, but we also have open-source software.

For all Grove users (especially beginners), we provide you guidance PDF documents. Please download and read through Preface – Getting Started and Introduction to Grove before your using of the product.