Adjustable Irrigation Dripper Emitter Sprinkler with Stake Micro Drip Irrigation for Garden Plant Watering System 5pcs

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The drip is made of quality plastic, washable and reusable. The bottom is sharp and easy to insert into the soil.

360-degree adjustable drip irrigation system, water flow can be adjustable flow rate from 0 to 13gallons-per-hour.

10 pieces of adjustable dripper with red cover each with the height of 13.5cm/5.3 inches, water outlet hole diameter: 0.05 inch / 1.4mm suitable size for 4mm or 6mm tube, each dripper has 8 outlet holes at the top.

Make sure the hose is softened before connecting, you soak end of 1/4″ tubing in very hot water before attaching to the dripper, A firm push with a little added wiggling gets the hose on with sprinkler.

Directs water exactly where you need it in a wide variety of planting areas Applies water similar toa spray head on an underground system for pots, tubs, ground cover, landscaped gardens and etc.·

Water flow can be adjustable by rotating the water outlet hole cap. Adjust the amount of water according to actual needs, let your plant grow healthily, save water resources and save money.

Great for watering potted plants, Able to Maintain constant when Long laying or pressure fluctuations, irrigation uniformity.

Rotation of the cap allows adjustment of flow and diameter of throw down to a


complete shut-off via a ratchet mechanism on the cap and a notch on the base.


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