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sd card music play

  •    Pieces products as WTV020 chip external SD card module, support capacity of 32 m ~ 1 gbit card;
  •    Support the FAT file system, SD card for storage carrier;
  •    Mixer support play WAV and bit 4 ADCPM format file;
  •    Automatic identification of pieces support folder and audio files play;
  •    Pieces can play background music and spot slogan;
  •    Control mode has a button control, second line control and UART232 serial port control;
  •    Mixer WTV main control chip is WTV020-16 SOP and WTV020-20 SOP two kinds of packaging, both compatible;
  •    Pieces can play in any period of voice;
  •    Working voltage: DC2.6 ~ 3.6 V.
  •    Store content classified by folder, easy to operation.Video Tutorial
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