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Utilising proprietary LPRS easyRadio technology operating in the 434MHz Industrial Scientific & Medical (ISM) bands the Connect2Pi USB ‘dongle’ provides a simple wireless bridge between Raspberry Pi (Pi2Pi), a Raspberry Pi and a PC or any other device that supports USB serial communications.
These devices provide considerably greater range and less power consumption than similar WiFi or Bluetooth dongles operating in the overcrowded 2.4GHz bands.

Frequency, bandwidth, power output and data rate can (optionally) be configured to allow multiple devices to communicate free from interference from each other and any other RF devices.


  • LPRS easyRadio RF Transceiver technology, Bi-directional link, no RF protocol software required
  • USB Connection, Plug & Play operation, appears as a Com port
  • Low current consumption, Can be powered directly from Raspberry Pi
  • Integral SMA Antenna connector, Allows use of extension for optimal antenna position
  • FTDI FT232 USB IC, Linux & Windows drivers available (see below)
  • Transmit & Receive LEDs, Diagnostics
  • Configurable RF parameters (optional), Fine tune for optimum performance
  • Up to 180 Bytes per packet, Ideal for Sense & Control applications
  • Built-in Temperature Sensor, Usable by host program