৳ 6,500.00

  • Resolution up to 1024 x 600
  • Resistive Touch
  • 5 push buttons for interaction
  • Supports Debia, Angstrom and WinCE / Android 4.2
  • ULP(Ultra Low Power) consumption backlight

Product Description

This cape features a compact 7 inch LCD for Beaglebone Green or Beaglebone Black. On size it’s a bit larger than the 5 inch version, which means it can have a graphical display at 1024×600 resolution, along with a layer of 4-wired resistive touchscreen for user interactions. It’s very easy to set it up as you only need to attach it directly onto your BBG/BBB through the 2×46 pin headers, which will provides everything the cape requires such power and display signals. Also as an alternative, you can power the cape through the built-in micro USB on the back. Below the screen is an array of push buttons – LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN and ENTER, which provides an alternative way to interact with your screen. Besides, two LEDs are used to indicate Power and User status,


This LCD cape is only compatible with SeeedStudio Beaglebone Green and Beaglebone Black.


  • • ŸResolution up to 1024 x 600
  • • ŸResistive Touch
  • • Ÿ5 push buttons includes LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN and ENTER
  • • ŸSupports Debian
  • • ŸSupports Angstrom
  • • ŸSupports WinCE / Android 4.2 by user-define driver
  • • ŸULP(Ultra Low Power) consumption backlight
  • • Ÿ4x 3mm mounting holes
  • • ŸBuilt-in USB for powering


  • • ŸVoltage:DC 5V
  • • ŸCurrent: 335mA (Test conditions: Beaglebone Green not include.)
  • • ŸWatt: 1.675W (Test conditions: Beaglebone Green not include.)
  • • ŸDimensions: 180mm*116.5mm*21mm
  • • ŸWeight: 222g


  • • Ÿ1x 7 Inch BeagleBone Green LCD Cape with Resistive Touch


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