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This is a kit with all the components you need to produce your very own Arduino compatible on a breadboard. Simply place the included layout sheet on the breadboard then follow the fun Lego style assembly instructions in the included printed manual.


NOTE: This kit does not include any USB circuitry, thus to program it you will either require a spare Arduino USB (duemilanove or uno) board, or an FTDI USB-Serial programming cable (available here). (Instructions included)



  • Easy to assemble with printed guide and breadboard layout sheet.
  • Fully compatible with the Arduino IDE.



  1. Printed Color Assembly Guide
  2. Printed Color Breadboard Layout Sheet (to make component placement easy)
  3. 400 Contact Breadboard
  4. ATMega328 (with Arduino bootloader preloaded (Duemilanove))
  5. 16 MHz Crystal
  6. Capacitors (2x100uf, 2x100nf, 2x22pf)
  7. Resistors (2x560ohm, 2x10k ohm, 12x 0 ohm)
  8. LEDs (Red power, green pin 13)
  9. Jumper Wires
  10. Pushbutton (for reset)
  11. 6 Pin Header (for programming with an FTDI USB-Serial cable)
  12. 7805 Voltage Regulator
  13. 9v battery clip