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Product Description

Here is the basic collection of components that might need to start with your arduino project.  If you are a beginner than this kit is for you.

With these components you will be able to make

  1. LED Blinking.
  2. Auto Night Lamp with LDR.
  3. Light on-off with Push Button.
  4.  Measure Room Temperature with Thermistor.
  5. Play tune with buzzer.

You can find thousands of tutorial over internet on Arduino. Just google it !!!

Components list:

  1. Arduino Uno R3 with USB cable.
  2. LED 10pcs(MIXED).
  3. Breadboard 1pc
  4. Jumper wire ( m2m and m2f) Total 20pcs.
  5.  LDR + Resistor 1pc each.
  6.  Push button + Resistor 1pc each.
  7. Thermistor+Resistor 1pc each.
  8. Buzzer 1pc.


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